Full disclosure: we’ve shipped nationwide for a while now. Even fuller disclosure (is that a thing?): we’ve had a West Coast warehouse for a while now. So it was time we got some laser tag guns out with that California scenery for some fresh new product shots! Plus, it’s always good to check in and catch up with the West Coast crew.

If you’re sick of seeing our social media accounts be flooded with images from the eastern half of the United States, fear not! We have plenty of brand spankin’ new images showing off our taggers in locations you definitely can’t find east of the Mississippi.


Who would win between a Battle Rifle and a Joshua Tree? I think the answer is pretty clear. These icons of California didn’t stand a chance against the biggest laser tag gun in our arsenal! Either that or this tree was already like this when we found it…


Oh, my, what a large tree! What’s a great laser tag gun for woods-based battles? The Phoenix LTX, of course! The Phoenix LTX doesn’t lose any of its accuracy or range in the daylight, so it’s the perfect candidate for a daytime woodland shootout! Sure, the trees you’re playing by may not be hundreds of feet tall and wider than your living room, but they should still provide ample cover for you!


This laser tag gun was born and bred for one purpose: laser tag in the dark. Whether it’s the fading light of an evening outside, or an indoor laser battlefield, the Titan is the perfect budget tagger for any low-light showdown. So why not take some new photos in the early morning blue of Downtown Sacramento?


“Danger, Danger!” We took the Hornet out into the desert with us. We figured if any tagger was going to give us a warning when a snake popped out of a burrow, it would be the Hornet. Fortunately, no snakes popped out of any burrows, so the Hornet could just focus on being a photogenic laser tag gun.


Last, but certainly not least, is the iCombat Barracuda. This tagger ticks all the boxes for a laser tag gun: incredible accuracy, see-it-to-believe-it range, and an internal scoring system (or add the CCM for even MORE in-depth scoring). Yep, this tagger has it all. And for that, we thought it deserved to have an amazing location for its product shot. So we took it to a stunning beach, complete with your typical rugged west coastline.

Of course, it wasn’t just road-tripping and photographing this week at Laser Tag Source. Our East Coast Operations were hard at work making sure all you eastern-halfers got your equipment on time, and we still put in our time at the West Coast warehouse to make sure all of our Western USA clients were satisfied.