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Laser Tag Source is going to Comic Con San Diego - Laser Tag Source

Nerdist Industries at Comic Con has come a knocking on Laser Tag Source’s door and we’ve answered in a BIG way!

We are going to Comic Con San Diego THIS week and taking 50 of our most treasured and favorite Tippmann Barracudas with us! The Tippmann is our highest end gun, perfect for this monster event! Our Tippmanns are more tactical equipment rather than toy-oriented and can shoot an infra-red beam about a thousand feet. These bad boys have been used by military and police groups along with colleges, churches and bachelor parties and will now be available for 130,000+ nerds and sci-fi fans alike at Comic Con!

Nerdist Industries has set the bar for laser tag at Comic Con. While there are imitators, none will match the incredible amount of work that has gone into the set design and all out experience. 2K and Borderlands have teamed up in a move of sheer marketing genius by sponsoring laser tag, to celebrate the release of their new video game – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. There’s no better way to celebrate lasers in a video game than to shoot laser tag in real life; and while it won’t be on the Moon, it will be at Comic Con – and if you can’t get the Moon but do get Comic Con, then that’s not a bad second choice.

With sponsorship secured, Nerdist Industries needed a company that would tackle several challenges, primarily those of having a large quantity of equipment and allowing it to be rented for off-site enjoyment. And that is how they got connected to Laser Tag Source, located right here in Lynchburg, in the heart of Central Virginia. They contacted us about two months ago and we have since been working out the details of providing laser tag for an event of such large scale.

Not only are they renting 50 of our Tippmanns, but – we are debuting a new function of the Tippmann – the laptop which will now show in real time the stats when players are hit or tagged out! This feature will be projected while at Comic Con and is themed out to support Borderlands and their new video game.

Two of us will be traveling to San Diego to help set up the equipment and provide on-site tech support. While there, we will get to interact with those who wish to come play laser tag, which is available for free to all attendees on the top floor of PetCo Park. Special contests (Borderlands Cosplay anyone?) will be run in conjunction with laser tag, along with games against those high up in the world (Randy Pitchford, Chris Hardwick).

And, because you know when Comic Con, Nerdist Industries, 2K and Gearbox are involved laser tag is gonna be done right, there’s also an oxygen bar and band space.

For all of those who aren’t going to Comic Con, stay connected to our FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and website for pictures and updates. For those who are going, contact us on Facebook and let us know!