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Laser Tag on your Turf: Outdoors or In, Day or Night! - Laser Tag Source
Laser Tag steps into the light!
Reminisce with me… You’re 13 years old again. You just rolled through the front door of the laser tag arena. Maybe it’s your best friend’s birthday, a youth group outing, or you’re on vacation and your frazzled parents just need a few minutes of quiet without hearing you and your siblings fussing. The smells of the laser tag arena hit you instantly: low-quality pizza heating up under a lamp or the dirty metallic smell of quarters. There’s even the electronic smell that a room packed with arcade machines makes, and underneath it all, the smell of sweat brought on by one epic-laser-duel after another!
Do you remember the thrill of the game? Do you remember pulling that heavy vest over your head, with the slightly damp areas that are equal parts sweat and Lysol? Do you remember them pulling you into a holding area, giving you few rules and glossing over how the equipment works?
Then – then they turned you loose in the arena. The lights were low, and everything was painted black or fluorescent green and orange, with black lighting that makes everyone’s teeth shine (as well as that mustard stain on your shirt). For the next five minutes you and your cohorts were living the dream of laser tag!
Now: flash forward in time with me to the present. The world has moved on. The closest today’s kids will get to an arcade are games wedged between a Coke machine and a Redbox in the entrance of Walmart. Their arcade is now hand held and unlimited in choice of games and time spent playing.
You’ve moved on as well: you’ve traded Nickelodeon for The Weather Channel, Pokemon Cards for spreadsheets, and your dream of owning a Lamborghini has been swapped for cargo space and fuel economy.
We have great news for you and your kid: your old friend Laser Tag is still around and there are kid and adult-friendly options! 
Laser Tag has grown and adapted with the times. You can still go to a facility and play in a day-glow arena but today’s Laser Tag can also be played on your turf and your terms. You can rent laser tag for any event or reason you dream up. 
You can play indoors or out, day or night. The whole world can be your laser tag arena. Play in the woods, your back-yard, wide open plains, majestic mountains, any place that you naturally have access to can be your dueling ground. Have a shoot-out at High-Noon! Work on your tan as you work on your laser tag tactics! Smell the great outdoors instead of old stale vest-sweat!
We at Laser Tag Source makes it easy and affordable for you to keep your laser tag dreams alive! Our rental gear ships right to your doorstep so your next event or party can be the laser tag experience that you experienced as a kid and that you share with your kid. 
Autumn is fast approaching! One thing Fall brings with it is great weather to enjoy the great outdoors in, so get outside! While you’re out there consider making us a part of your outdoor activities!
Tony Smith
Laser Tag Source