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#ltscardboardcosplay interviews Boba Fett and Lagertha - Laser Tag Source

Cardboard Cosplay Contest

Nerdist Industries is bringing Laser Tag Source to Comic Con San Diego. To get in the spirit we hosted our very own friendly competition among our staff, on who could create the best cardboard cosplay outfit.

The rules were as follows: it had to be a character you would find at SDCC, and had to be made with any and every thing you could find in the warehouse. Tony and Holly are the two “wild child”s of the office and are constantly bringing the fun so we were thrilled to have them participate in the competition.

The Laser Tag Source Cardboard Cosplay Contest (#ltscardboardcosplay) was held on Instagram and the winner was determined by who got the most Likes.

Today I interviewed two out of the four participants to give some background on their characters, positions at Laser Tag Source and what went into creating a cardboard cosplay.

Tony VP of all things Laser Tag Source

So. Why Boba Fett? “Only a non-Star Wars nerd would ask that question! He’s the most iconic bounty hunter from the franchise.”

Thank you for insulting my nerdiness and answering the question at the same time haha. How did you make your cosplay? “I stole old cardboard from our recycling bin and used spray paint and transparent bubble wrap for the visor. It’s held together with packing tape and hot glue. And faith.”

I’m not at all surprised that it’s held together with faith. And hot glue. What’s your favorite part of your costume? “It started off being the helmet, but then became my sweatshirt body armor that my wife helped me build! I was wearing the sweatshirt while she was hot-gluing items to it.” (You’re welcome!! xo, Kristina)

Holly Customer Service Rep Extraordinaire

Who is Legartha from Vikings? “She was the wife of an Earl who pillaged with her husband. But then they had a falling out, she left him high and dry and she conquered this place and became an Earl in her own right…which is AWESOME.”

I love it that you chose a strong female character! And I love it that you resemble her in so many ways. What’s the one thing you most want to see at SDCC if we have time? “There are so many things. But I’d have to say Bruce Campbell who is most famous for Army of Darkness. He is this B actor but has a huge fan base because he’s so personal with his fans.”

I feel like he’s doing celebrity right! How long did it take you to make your cosplay? “Two days of actual work, spread out over multiple days in-between working.”

Congratulations to the winner of our #ltscardboardcosplay contest Holly – our very own shield maiden Lagertha!

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