Cardboard Cosplay

Nerdist Industries has again invited us to party with them for several days during Comic Con San Diego and bring a couple of laser tag guns. Cosplayers are an amazing part of the SDCC experience, and in honor of our trip, we decided to host a friendly competition among our staff in who could create the best cosplay outfit.

The rules were as follows: it had to be a character you would find at SDCC, and had to be made with any and every thing you could find in the warehouse. It was amazing to watch everyone who was friends in one minute literally start scrambling to grab supplies and become very guarded over ideas. Goes to show how little we know of our own co-workers!

The Laser Tag Source Cardboard Cosplay Contest (#ltscardboardcosplay) was held on Instagram and the winner was determined by who got the most Likes.

Today I interviewed two out of the four participants to give some background on their characters, positions at Laser Tag Source and what went into creating a cardboard cosplay.

Caleb Warehouse Packer and Guru of Gun Repair

Who is Master Chief?Master Chief is the main character in the Halo video game series.”

As the lady whose last video game system is the Super Nintendo, thank you for not pointing out my lack of knowledge in this area! What’s your most favorite part of your job at Laser Tag Source? “My favorite part of my job at Laser Tag Source is my coworkers and the fun atmosphere that we all create. I also enjoy taking apart guns and fixing them or making them into something new.”

I feel like an unofficial part of the job description should be that if you’re not fun, don’t bother – you won’t last haha. What’s the most unique part of your cosplay? “The most unique part of my cosplay was probably the helmet. I definitely spent the most time on that piece. It was hard to try to match the original helmet but I was able to get some detail into it, and after it was done I couldn’t even see out of it so it made for a fun time!”

Kristina Marketing and Events, and the one who came up with this Contest

Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is a little sociopathic – why did you pick her? “For that very reason! She’s crazy and I could very easily be her in real life if I didn’t work every minute of my day to filter what hits my brain and mouth.”

You went to SDCC last year – what are you most looking forward to this year? “This will sound like I’m sucking up (I 100% am), but its our opportunity to work with Nerdist Industries again. They are so professional and great to work with. It’s easier to work long days with people who are awesome. We don’t always get that opportunity so we are thankful for it when it comes around.”

Your cosplay wasn’t as intricate as the rest – or was it? “You shut your dirty mouth! You can’t tell from the pictures but my cardboard dress is double-sided and was meticulously wallpapered with printer paper from Tony’s office. Also, I made a hat out of one of our neoprene gun sleeves but when I painted it, it shrunk, so the night before the contest I was wandering around the warehouse freaking out. I made my 2nd bunny hat out of bubble wrap and hot glue. Also, I have fake eyelashes on to give me that wide-eyed cartoon look!”

Congratulations to the winner of our #ltscardboardcosplay contest Holly – our very own shield maiden Lagertha!

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