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Mission Impossible Kentucky - Laser Tag Source

Question: What makes a laser tag even more epic?
Answer: An 8-acre obstacle course complete with watch towers, spotlights, and, of course, 150 kids armed with the Phoenix LTX.

That was the setup we witnessed when we checked out Mission Impossible Kentucky, an annual laser tag event run by current and former firefighters, police, and members of the Armed Forces. I’ve seen some pretty cool ways to play laser tag, but this was on a whole new level!

The Objective:

Throughout this 3-hour laser tag event, the goal for the kids seemed simple enough: get from Point A to Point B without getting tagged out by one of the 50 adult Commandos waiting for you in the course. The commandos were also armed with the LTX, but they also had flashlights, PLUS three watch towers with floodlights. In other words, in order to make it across the 8-acre field, you had to take it slow and use the shadows and tall grass to your advantage.

The Punishment:

This was something I’d never seen before: if you got tagged out of the course, you went to P.O.W. Camp. In order to get out of the camp and get back into the course, you had to pass a few tests. Typically, the P.O.W. Camp experience would start with something like giving an Officer 10 push-ups, followed by a 30-foot army-crawl through sand. Upon reaching the end of the army-crawl pit, you would have to answer some kind of question before being allowed back to the start of the course.


Words simply can’t do this event justice! Neither can photos, or videos, for that matter, but I hope these give you at least a glimpse into the epic awesomeness that was Mission Impossible Kentucky! We’ll be posting a few tips and tricks in the coming weeks on how to throw a successful large-scale laser tag event. We’ll even have some assistance from the Mission Impossibly KY organizer himself, Troey Stouts!

Mission Impossible Recap Video