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Need a Date for Prom? - Laser Tag Source

Need a Date for Prom??

Ask Laser Tag Out

 If you’re looking for an After-Prom Party activity to hold in your gym, classroom or hotel conference room, contact us for Laser Tag. We will ship the adventure to you! All of our systems work great in doors and out.

For those who hate to dance or don’t like the idea of prom, we have an alternative suggestion….

Host a DIY Laser Tag Prom (aka – the Anti-Prom)

  • Rent a Laser Tag System from us.
  • Set up the guns in your basement or any room that you have access to where you can run. If it’s warm where you live, turn your back yard into a Laser Tag Dance Floor.
  • Invite your closest friends who hate to dance. There’s no shame or fear in the invitation game because this event is for the whole group!
  • Dancing and Laser Tag are both more fun with music. Create your own Play List or check out our Laser Tag Playlist here!
  • Go all out – get a corsage or a boutonniere, do your hair and make up. If you would rather just run while shooting lasers at your fellow friends — Go for it! This is prom on YOUR terms!
  • Dress for the occasion  – think Goodwill, tacky old prom dresses & bad leisure suits all the way! Our recommendation is to ditch the heels and go for running shoes instead.
  • Splitting a laser tag rental with your friends, buying a dress or suit from your favorite vintage or thrift shop, and having a few pizzas on hand will still cost less than prom!

Whether you attend an After Prom Party or host your own Laser Tag Prom, Laser Tag Source is a click or call away. Contact us and we will help you build your perfect event!