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Nerdist Spotlight - Laser Tag Source



Raise your hand if you have heard of this company? Seriously though, raise your hand–I can see whether you do or not…


If you have, awesome! If you haven’t, do not fret, because today’s post is going to be a Nerdist spotlight that I can only hope will shine down it all of it’s nerdy glory.


Let us begin, shall we? Meet Chris Hardwick. He is the CEO of Nerdist Industries and it is because of him that we have programs like “The Talking Dead” which discusses episodes of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. If you haven’t heard of this show, then come out from under your rock and check it out. It’s pretty cool. Chris is also a comedian, podcaster and a contributor to Wired magazine.


Now, if you are wondering where our sudden interest in Nerdist has come from, then let us jump back in time to last years Comic Con 2014 event. After being hired last year to provide laser tag for their installation at Petco Park, we fell in love. According to the wonderful Kristina, Laser Tag Source’s fancy schmancy marketing lady, the event included an immersive 2K Borderlands laser tag experience. In the words of Kristina, “think: fog, music, giant props to run behind and hide on, separating teams into Hyperion and Dahl and taking the team-theme concept so far that players had sweatbands and headbands in team colors and our Tippmann guns were given Hyperion and Dahl stickers.”


Wow. So if you can get that image into your head and even try to imagine something cooler (if that’s even possible) then you will have this year’s Nerdist Industries San Diego Comic Con event. This year’s event is going to be so top notch it will literally blow your left sock off. While I would love to reveal the specifics of this years event, I’m afraid they must remain a secret for now. I can tell you however, that we are bringing our Tippmann guns and we’re going to bring the action.


I highly encourage you to stay tuned via our Social Media accounts as well as our website if you want to find out just how gnarly this event is going to be and to see what things we have up our sleeve. The links below will take you there–it’s as simple as that.

Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; YouTube


Until next time nerdy laser tag buddies,

Shae-Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern