Family reunions… the perfect event for delicious cookouts, awkward conversations, and an epic laser tag beatdown of your cousin that will make them beg their parents to postpone the next family reunion for another 10 years. In all seriousness, adding laser tag to the family reunion is the perfect way to bond with those long-lost relatives. But what’s the best way to throw a successful family laser tag battle?

The taggers are obviously the most important piece of the process. Now, depending on how old the majority of players will be, we have a few different recommendations.

The Phoenix LTX:

Is the laser tag battle being used as a way to occupy those young guns in the party? Is it mostly going to be over-energized kids fighting the battle? The Phoenix LTX is the perfect entry-level tagger for anyone age 6 or older. With an easy setup and peak performance regardless of the time of day, the Phoenix LTX is one of our most popular items.

The iCombat Barracuda:

Maybe your crowd is a bit older than the average Phoenix LTX user. No problem – just upgrade to our flagship tagger, the iCombat Barracuda. Just like the LTX, it doesn’t lose any performance in direct sunlight, so it’s perfect for any summer get together. It has in incredible range of 1,000 feet, so there is essentially no limit to how big you can make your laser tag battlefield! Want to make it even better? Pair the iCombats up with our CCM scoring system!


Instead of flipping over the food tables and grills for cover, take the safer route and hide behind our inflatable bunkers! At over 6 feet tall, each bunker can easily provide cover for 1-2 full grown adults (and 3-4 kids). We’ll send you everything you need to pump them up and stake them into the ground, so you can just focus on where you want to place them!

There you have it! There is ONE more item that would come in handy for a family reunion, but we’re not quite ready to reveal that one yet. Keep an eye on our site over the next couple weeks and you’ll know what we’re talking about!