Here at Laser Tag Source, we believe that rules are super important for a fun & successful event! Check out our Official Rules for Laser Tag to keep your event safe & fair for everyone, regardless of age, skill, mobility, etc. We want everyone to have an awesome experience!

Rule #1: Laser Tag is a Non-Contact sport

You’re not playing Rugby-tag! Laser Tag is designed to be a non-contact sport. Any contact with an opponent is grounds for removal from the game. Players who touch their opponents will be considered “out” and will leave the game.

Rule #2: Sensors must be visible during game-play

Covering a sensor to prevent your tagger from receiving tags is poor sportsmanship and any player who covers their sensor will be considered “out” and will leave the game. A person who covers their sensor is the sort of person you should also never lend your car to!

Rule #3: Equipment Failure

If a tagger fails mid-game, that player is considered out. An exception can be made if the malfunction is caused by low batteries. In this case the player can be considered in a “time out” and their batteries replaced. They can then rejoin the game if possible.

 Rule #4: Sportsmanship is important

If you cheat to win you haven’t really won! Sportsmanship is essential to a good laser tag experience. Any lying or cheating should not be tolerated and should result in disqualification of the player who does so. Hiding your sensor (see rule #2), resetting your tagger when you’re out, or any other dubious acts are against the rules! Nobody likes a cheater!

 Rule #5: Keep Laser Tag FUN

Remember: Laser Tag isn’t currently an olympic sport, there are no contracts or scholarships on the line. The number one reason to play laser tag is to have fun. Being frustrated or angry is literally against the rules of laser tag, if you feel that way during a laser tag match take a few minutes, grab a refreshment and get your chill on!

 Rule #6: Know your gear:

The day of your party or event is no time to be getting acquainted with your laser tag gear. That’s like getting married on a blind date! Unbox, test, play some games with your gear before your awesome laser tag extravaganza. Take advantage of our tutorial videos and tech support before the fun (and stress) of your event is upon you.