The Tippmann Laser Tag Gun

As you bob and weave in and out of our bunkers, or even as you’re down down down on your knees, laying so low in the weeds… don’t be startled if you find yourself suddenly doing your own little bob and weave to the beat of the song Barracuda as it rings in your head with each victory shot you take.

The Tippmann Barracuda is our sauciest gun of all, equipped with military grade features that use infrared and RF signals and offering 7 preset games that range from free-for-all to multiple team battles. Not for the faint of heart, the Tippmann belongs in the hands of serious players who are ready for the Laser Tag Source challenge of a lifetime. This gun was modified from the original 98 custom Tippmann paintball gun so that it could be used specifically for your laser tag needs, and trust me, it will meet those needs.

So, “tell me more about this amazing gun?!” you ask? “Gladly,” I reply.

Not sure if you hit your target? The Tippmann will not only make a sound but a light will flash to let you know. It will also let you know how many shots have been fired, the number of hits and of course, the number of players eliminated.

Why is this gun worth it? Well, for starters, unlike an actual military grade gun, this one is lightweight as you can carry it around easily without the extra weight of a paintball CO2 tank nestled in there. You also have the advantage of it wirelessly keeping track of your score. One player will be the host while all of the other team members can wirelessly connect. But my favorite reason for why this gun is worth it? Both in the beginning when you are setting up the teams and right before you begin, the Tippmann gives you a literal shout of encouragement to “GO!” which not only gets you pumped, but helps you feel more prepared for the laser induced fight that is about to happen.

Now, why don’t you head on over to our main page or our specific Tippmann page and check it all out for yourself. Not only will you not be disappointed, but I believe that you will be thoroughly impressed with the rate that this gun goes for. You can also check out a descriptive video on how to use every feature of this gun by the one and only, almost as awesome as the Tippmann Barracuda, Mike Kirby, the owner of Laser Tag source.

Are you game?

-Shae, Marketing Intern at Laser Tag Source