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Phoenix LTX: Advanced Game Options - Laser Tag Source

So, you’ve got a box of Phoenix LTX? You say you want to take your game-play to the next level? Here are two of our favorite advanced games to play with the Phoenix LTX, they both use the strength setting on the Phoenix LTX to make the games more fun and more strategic!

Generals: For Generals you’ll want 2 teams. Each team has one “General” and as many “Soldiers” as you have people to play. The General’s tagger is set to a strength of 25, all the soldiers are set to a strength of 10.

Here’s where things get really fun! Whenever a Soldier is tagged out they can find their General and their General is allowed to reset their tagger so they can continue playing! (note: a tagger cannot be reset until it is “out”, no resetting taggers just because a player is close to being tagged out). ONLY the General is allowed to reset Soldier’s taggers when they get out. BUT when the General is out they are out the game!

This introduces a whole new strategy to laser tag. As long as your General lives your team can keep getting fresh troops when they are tagged out. If you General gets eliminated it’s a battle for pure survival for your team!

You want to keep your General’s identity secret for as long as you can because once the other team figures out your General its all hands on deck to get him out!

Mr. President: This is also a game for two teams. For Mr President one player on each team is the President. The President’s tagger is set to a strength of 10. Every other player is then Secret Service and their strength is set to 25.

Game play ends when one team’s President is eliminated. Your team can loose every player EXCEPT your President.

Unlike Generals no one gets a reset, when you’re out that’s it! Mr President is a game of sacrifice for the players assigned as Secret Service, you’ll lay down your laser-tag-life to keep your President in the game! Want to kick it up another notch? Head to your local Good Will and have everyone “suit-up” for the game. It’ll make great memories and great photos!

These are just two examples of using a taggers settings to make game play more fun and more challenging!