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Remember the Titan - Laser Tag Source

Congratulations on your new career as a superhero! Now, it’s no secret that the Commando class is the most popular class on the Hero Blast. And with good reason! It’s a well-rounded superhero power-up, to be sure. But let’s be honest; who is Captain America without Iron Man? Who is Ant-Man without The Wasp? Who is Spider-Man without… Iron Man, again? The point is this: you need variety in your superhero life. So take a break from being a Commando, and try out a new superpower! That’s right; it’s Titan time. Or Medic time. But this blog is about Titans, so all of you healers out there can practice your patience for a bit.

So why should you use the Titan to dominate your enemies? Well, it’s simple: the devastating Power Blast will wipe out any adversaries in your way. And, yes, that includes any enemy that gets in the widespread path of that devastating attack, including those pesky opposing Commandos.

Now, I can already hear your concerns: “Oh, but those Commandos are already using their rapid-fire powers!” “I won’t even have time to get off my Power Blast!” “I’m scared of the opponent’s medics!” Just kidding – no one says that last one. Look, I get it! The Commando is an intimidating enemy. But they aren’t invincible! If you’re the Titan, here is the strategy: hide. Stay hidden behind the bunkers while your Power Blast is charging. Have your teammates scout out the enemies and relay their positions so you know exactly where to position your laser blast of doom (I like that name more, but it sounds less heroic). Once you know where your blast will be most effective, pop out from behind the bunker and unleash your attack!

Ideally, a few of those Commandos will be hiding in the same general vicinity of each other. That way, your blast takes all of them out. The beauty of the Power Blast is that it completely negates the Medics on the other team. The Power Blast leaves no health bar to replenish. It’s one hit eliminations, so you’ll never have to worry about your opponents taking cover and recovering in the shadows.

Of course, the best teams have a healthy balance of Titans, Commandos, and Medics. But if you’re really looking for the most Powerful Hero, the Titan is your best bet.