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Shipping Early, Saving Sanity - Laser Tag Source

Many of you are noticing your package is arriving early. Read on to find out WHY!!

Nobody remembers last winter better than we do – we being the Warehouse Team at Laser Tag Source and our trusty UPS representatives and drivers, because your roads and houses looked a little like the one in the picture above.

Snow and ice crippled the country, shutting down airports, blocking rail lines, and turning many interstates into wintery slip & slides.  And it lasted month after month, well into the Spring.

We value customer service. We value your rental. We also value your fundraiser, birthday party and lock in. Because of the things we value and because I’ve renamed last winter to be “HA HA – Good Luck Shipping Something”, we have adjusted our shipping window for 2014 in an effort to offer you superior customer service.

We can’t open an airport, salt every interstate or shovel snow from the rail lines – but we can get your shipment moving through the UPS system earlier than normal, in an effort to build in a pad of delivery days in case there is more weather.

Never fear — you are not being charged for the extra days you have the equipment! You still get extra batteries, you still use the equipment the day of your event, and you still use the return label and take it to a UPS facility for the same low rate.

PSSST – want a secret? While you have the equipment early, go ahead – play with it! Test it on your neighbors, your family, and the people you didn’t invite to your laser tag party. This way, you know exactly how it works before the big event arrives. Shipping the equipment early means that you have a few more days to peruse the website for tutorials and game ideas!

Now for some of you the equipment won’t arrive extra early, but it should arrive right on time. We’ve researched other delivery companies and UPS is one of the most reliable. We have been brainstorming with them since last year to find ways to get your equipment to you even when it looks impossible. Shipping early is one of the things we are trying.

Let us know if the extra delivery days are helpful to you! Tweet us using the hashtag #dearlasertagsource or leave us a note on Facebook!