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Snowmageddon Survival - Laser Tag Source

5 Family Friendly Activities when You’re Trapped Inside

Aren’t we all a little tired of the snow? It’s pretty until you get in it, then it quickly turns cold. And wet. And if your kids are like ours, they came to this exact same realization.

We wanted our kids to have some active fun on their snow break, but we only bought supplies in case of emergency shortages and power outages. We bought food for ‘milk sandwiches’, but didn’t think to buy stuff for activities. While Netflixing and playing video games are an option, we also wanted to fill their days with indoor fun and family time.

In honor of The Year of the Snow, here’s a list of some ideas to help the kiddos stay active!

Board Game Tourney
Find those missing game board pieces that the dog carried off, create your own house of cards and crown a Family Champ!

So You Think You Can Dance Dance-Off
All you need is a judge and some music – and then cut loose!

Hide And Seek
This is an oldie but a goodie – and it may help you find those missing board game pieces!

Pillow Fights and Forts
Everybody has a pillow. Most likely everybody will want to fight after being stuck together. Combine the two and turn the fighting to fun!

Hobby in the House
Do you like to cook? Do your kids know how? Why not look through your own hobbies and introduce these to the kids? This is a great day for them to help make lunch or learn how to take a picture of all that snow!

BONUS POINT: Indoor Laser Tag
Did you know that you don’t have to go to a facility and don a vest to play Laser Tag? We will ship the adventure to you!

Laser Tag Source has three great game systems – the LTX, Team Ops and iNerf systems are perfection for young kids with a basement to move in. These systems are easy to operate and will help keep kids active!

If you’re fighting boredom with the kiddos the same way you are fighting the snow that falls after you just shoveled the driveway, log on to Laser Tag Source and save 20% on iNerfs! Use promo-code snow2014 and let us know what ideas you have come up with to create family fun this winter!