We’re not going to lie, we didn’t think this Area 51 craze would last this long, but here we are. In case you haven’t been on the Internet at all in the last two weeks, there’s a Facebook group of roughly 1.3 million people going (and an additional 1 million “interested”) to “storm Area 51 so we can see dem aliens” in September. Of course, the U.S. government has made it very clear that this is a bad idea, but I’m pretty sure no one out there is actually taking it seriously. If you ARE taking it seriously, though, we have a better idea for you. Simply throw an Area 51-themed party, complete with a Feds vs. Alien Liberators of America (ALOA) laser tag battle!


First things first, there’s no tagger in our arsenal that’s more out-of-this-world than the Battle Rifle! Its alien design makes it the perfect laser tag gun for this event. Plus, it gives you options! In a traditional Feds vs. ALOA battle, you can stick with the Team Deathmatch mode. Our suggestion is to start off the battle with that. If the ALOA manage to take down the Feds, then it’s time to switch up the game modes for Phase 2 of your Area 51 Battle.


Oh, no! In a shocking plot twist, one that has NEVER been seen in countless alien movies, the aliens don’t want to make friends! Now, with their newfound freedom, the aliens are ready to take the battle to humanity! Now, you’d think the Feds and ALOA would team up in this scenario. You’d be wrong! The ALOA doesn’t want to pay for the federal crimes they’ve committed, and the government won’t let them off that easy! Which means we have a classic 3-team battle on our hands. In this portion of the battle, you’ll want to switch the Battle Rifles to “Supremacy” mode to allow for three teams.

Finally, at the end of Phase 2, you will crown your champion! Will the ALOA emerge victorious? Will the Feds contain the Alien threat and press charges against the criminal humans? Or will the Aliens triumph over humanity and bring in a new age to earth?

One thing is for certain: this epic laser tag battle is the perfect way to spend a weekend. But traveling to Nevada in September for a (hopefully fake) storming of Area 51? Now THAT would be throwing your time, energy, and money away.