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Tag For Tag - Win up to $500 in Free Laser Tag - Laser Tag Source

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are starting a year-long Contest and YOU are invited to play along! Drum Roll please…

Tag 4 Tag wins you FREE laser tag for your hashtag!

Do you want to win up to $500 of FREE laser tag from Laser Tag Source? Now you can and it’s so so easy!

Take a photo of your rental and make it creative. It can be a picture of your face when you see your Laser Tag Source box on your doorstep. It can be you sneaking around to get the best shot. It can be a selfie with your laser tag gun. The sky is the limit. Dress up. Make a silly face. Show us your laser tag team. Show us the event where you just had to have laser tag on demand. Here’s a hint – the more creative you are, the better your chances!

Post your photo to our Facebook page, Tweet it to us on Twitter, Tag us in your picture on Instagram, Create a board or upload your photo on Pinterest – just be sure that you hashtag it with #lasertagsource for your entry to count.

Each month the Laser Tag Staff will meet to randomly pick from your creative entries. Each month’s contest will run from the 1st day to the last, which gives you up to 31 days to be creative with your photo. Want to enter multiple times? We don’t mind! Just be sure that each picture is different and each is hashtagged.

I know exactly what you’re thinking – “How will I know if my selfie of me at Comic Con or Touch a Truck or insert your birthday, church event, fundraiser, etc HERE with my Laser Tag Source gun proudly displayed and 50 of my closest friends in the background won your contest?” It’s easy. All you have to do is STAY TUNED!

Each month we will take that first week and pick the winner. The winner will be announced on all of our Social Media accounts so all you have to do is check in with us. Want an easy way to do that? Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Favorite our Website.

We have a page fully devoted to Tag 4 Tag which has all of the nitty gritty details. See it here and get to snappin and taggin!