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Tetris and Laser Tag - Laser Tag Source

Tetris and Laser Tag – a Match Made in Nerd Heaven!

Tony and the Warehouse Team are Tetris Packing Pros!

Tony, our warehouse manager, has found the best way to pack those boxes of fun that show up on your doorstep.

So….Why does this matter?

Well. Our boxes have been tested for weight and crushability – we have a pretty good idea at what point the box is too full and will explode in transit. We also know that the box falls apart if there’s not enough equipment and shipping material included.

Those boxes are just like the 3 Little Bears. One can be too full, one can be not full enough, and the other is just right.

Take a look when you open your box at how it’s been packed – it’s a real-life Tetris Game! Taking the time to correctly pack a box does 2 things that benefit you:

  1. It keeps operating costs lower. With a correctly packed box there’s less damage to equipment in shipping.
  2. It keeps shipping costs lower. We pay for part of the shipping and so do you when you place an order. Correctly packed boxes get equipment back to us faster, which means our gun prices stay lower.

We just posted a video thanks to National Geographic on our Facebook page, showing what happens when UPS ships a package. When you see all those moving parts, you’ll understand why it helps to pack the boxes full of packing material to keep your rental safe!

Every Tetris game requires multiple pieces to build a successful row, and your order with us is just like building a row in Tetris.

The first piece of the puzzle is when YOU place your order. YOU can be a corporation (Twitter, WalMart, Nerdist Industries), a church or nonprofit (Relay for Life, Lynchburg Church of God), an elementary, middle or high school or university (MIT, Harvard) or a mom planning a birthday party.

The second piece of the puzzle is our Warehouse Team. We have a team dedicated to testing and packing your order. Every piece of equipment that gets sent to you has been turned on and tested. Batteries get checked and included in your order.

Then, UPS picks up your shipment from our loading dock and ships it to you. We have established a great working relationship with the guys on the trucks and in the offices and they are vital in helping us ship the adventure to you.

When you’re all done with the equipment, help us build a successful Tetris row! If you pack like a pro for the return, it better enables us to keep costs low and keep the adventure coming! Get it back to a UPS facility the next business day after your event to ensure that someone else’s birthday party, corporate dinner or nonprofit fundraiser is able to receive the equipment.

Did you throw away all of your packing material? No worries. Feel free to substitute with newspapers (best option because we can recycle it!), plastic bags, or whatever other clever idea you stumble upon.

If YOU have suggestions on how we can improve the shipping part of the process, drop us a line at tony@lasertagsource.com or leave us a comment on our Facebook page! We look forward to hearing on how we can better serve you through the shipping experience.