It’s the Holiday season…..

The Holiday season is upon us all. We gather our beloved family members, those we merely tolerate, and the tiny ones all together in one place. We pull up to a dinning room table, TV-tray, flimsy card table hastily erected in the living room, or just huddle in that back bedroom where all the coats wind up. Then we EAT! After the eating is done, we eat a little more.

Another joy this upcoming season is the time we spend with our families. You get to see siblings, cousins, and grandparents! It’s a time to catch up, to rant about sports and politics, and to revel in or regret your decision to live two states away from these people. Laughter and tears, talking or not-talking, everybody is together in their turkey induced comas, just hanging out.

We glide through the next couple of months repeating “it’s the holidays!” at every buffet, party, family get-together and shopping trip like it’s our personal mantra.

While food and family is great, there is one part of our holiday traditions that the team here at Laser Tag Source would like to be a part of improving. It’s come to our attention that at every family gathering there is a poorly lit back room or basement where we shoo the children off to. There they entertain themselves with whatever games and ideas their sugar-addled brains can generate, although these days they’re increasingly entertained by that glowing rectangle we all love so much, the iDevice (fill-in-the-blank with your favorite tablet and phone) or the television.

In an effort to get away from the electric squares, we took our laser powered elevator down to the secret labs here at Laser HQ and had our team of robot scientists crunch the data for ways that we can bring positive change to this part of our holiday routines. After days of processing data those transistorized brains gave the world the solution to this problem: Laser Tag on your turf!

You can be the hero who brings the best cranberry sauce and laser tag fun to your family feasts this year! Check out our Hornet of Plenty Thanksgiving special. The Hornet of Plenty is 10 Hornet taggers for the smoking deal of $99 plus shipping. Renting laser tag will give the kiddos something to do to burn off that pumpkin-pie energy and assure you a pleasant ride home as they sleep it off in the back seat.

But wait… There’s more! Never forget: laser tag isn’t just for the kids! There are few things more satisfying than beating your own beloved child at a game of back-yard or basement laser tag, so get out there and play with them. Heck, play without them. Get a game started with just the adults at your get-together.

There are so many game-play options when the family is together: grandparents and grand-kids versus the parents. Or aunts and uncles versus ALL of the cousins. Sisters versus brothers. Moms versus dads. Or better yet, bring about some family unity with a game where every man is for him or herself.

You don’t have to be young to have a good time, just young-at-heart!

We wish you a glorious start to your holiday season and hope that you have a ‘blast’!

Tony Smith
Laser Tag Source