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Try a Themed Laser Tag Party! - Laser Tag Source

Tips on throwing a Themed Party

There are tons of different kinds of video games that involve some type of battle or shoot out and while these may be fun, it would be exponentially more fun to bring these games to life with the help of Laser Tag Source. Not a gamer? The same thing applies to some of your favorite action movies as well! We have talked about how laser tag can make your gaming experience feel more real but we haven’t yet mentioned how to really make your event stand out with not just our guns but with a few props and maybe even some stage makeup.


Today I would like to propose the idea of a themed laser tag party. Are you celebrating the return of the Walking Dead? Why not throw together a zombie themed laser tag event that is all decked out with crazy hair, dirty faces and red colored foods. I would even suggest that you play the entire game in a slow motion zombie walk to make it feel more real.


Not into Zombies? Thats okay! You can try and replicate one of your favorite scenes from a video game that you play. If you are into COD and you have a big enough space to work with, try using a car as a prop to hide behind and to make the seen look more realistic. You could even try out an awesome Hunger Games version of laser tag. The options are endless.


Getting into character can really help your overall experience playing the game and it allows you to let loose, feel silly and have a great time. If you are looking for the perfect pieces to complete your look but your closet has let you down, try local thrift shops or a GoodWill. You can pretty much find anything you need for any themed event if you look hard enough.


Let your upcoming event be the best it can possibly be and don’t leave out any details! With Laser Tag Source we can help you buy providing you the perfect equipment for whatever theme you have in mind. If you are feeling a more military style theme for your event, I recommend the Tippmann. For a Zombie themed party, I would say the Hornet is definitely the way to go.


Shae-Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern