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Welcome Back to Campus: Now What? - Laser Tag Source

Back to School Fun

Every August tens of thousands of faculty, staff, and administrators at the more than three thousand colleges and universities in the US begin to rev their intellectual engines after summers off.  At this same time, millions of college students are getting ready to rejoin their friends on these very same campuses.  Student activities coordinators, resident advisers, and campus programs directors, scramble to find fun, interesting, new ways to connect students to one another and to their campus.  This affinity-building is vital to student retention and therefor campus life.

At Laser Tag Source, we help dozens of colleges and universities across the country to reach students with a fun, outdoor, activity that’s unique and affordable.  Our laser tag systems can accommodate up to 300 people in a single game, come with simple-to-follow instructions, video tutorials, and 24hr phone assistance.  Our website also includes printable rules pages for ten different games that can be played with our laser tag equipment.  Our prices are standard for a weekend rental, so campuses are able to play on Saturday and then again on Sunday, without worrying about a two-day charge.

In the future, we hope to serve even more institutes of higher education as they seek to serve the next generation of leaders throughout the country.

Abe Loper
Vice President of Operations – Laser Tag Source
Alumni Advisory Board – Albion College