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Customer Spotlight: a personal Matrix-Themed Party! - Laser Tag Source

Ring in the New Year in Style!

We LOVE to digitally meet the fun people around the country who are renting our equipment and throwing amazing parties, and today I introduce you to Matt!

Hi Matt! Thank you for your rental, and for letting me pick your brain! So – tell me all about your New Year’s Eve Matrix-themed event!

My wife and I like to throw themed parties, and we had the idea for a Matrix-themed rave where we could convince our friends to show up dressed in black leather with sunglasses and dance to techno all night. We wanted to convert our house into a club atmosphere, which meant buying lots of lasers and black lights and fog machines to get that perfect vibe. We staged our basement into a winding maze with multiple pathways, filled with all the laser lights and fog and walls with matrix code projected onto them, and had a DJ friend of ours pumping techno tunes throughout the house. We also baked a lot of cookies since that’s pretty much the only themed food that gets called out in the movies.

You all go all out! How did laser tag fit into your plans?

As we started down the path of turning our house into a club, we thought: “What would be cooler in a Matrix-themed party than a sci-fi laser tag inside our house?” (We have a lot of random thoughts like that when it comes to parties). At the time we weren’t sure how that could be accomplished but after a quick internet search we stumbled upon Laser Tag Source and decided it had to be a key element of our party.

I’m so glad you found us! Our goal is to make laser tag affordable and accessible to anyone anywhere. So why did you rent from us?

Laser Tag Source had a great selection, was fast to answer the phone when I called to make sure renting laser tag equipment to your house was actually a real thing, and the service of being able to get the equipment days before our party and then send it back when we’re done was very comforting for something that was a crucial part of the event. The pricing was also much more reasonable than I expected for something like this, and the equipment was WAY cooler even than what was described online. They even came with extra batteries! We were extremely pleased and the whole experience was a huge success.

I love to hear stories like this because there’s a small team of us who work hard all day every day to provide that level of equipment and customer service! Do you have any tips or tricks to share on using laser tag at an event?

Definitely get an even number of guns since team-based play is pretty great and at least the guns we rented had settings for that built-in. Give yourself a good amount of space to play, especially indoors, and don’t forget to reload to use the secret shield!

Those are GREAT tips! So many people are stunned to discover you can play laser tag indoors and I’m sure your information will help others who are discovering that secret 😉

Bonus question: tell me anything you’d like – it can be about your event, the equipment, the company, your New Year’s Eve resolution — literally – anything!

We were very happy with our rental from Laser Tag Source and have raved about it to friends and coworkers since the party. We are already thinking of other ways to incorporate it into future parties so that we can try out some of the other equipment. This is an extremely cool niche service and we highly recommend it to anyone on the fence about trying it for a party.

Matt – thanks again for your story, your rental and your time! Hope your 2016 is a blast! ~Kristina


If you have a story you’d like to share about your organization and your laser tag rental, contact me – I’d love to give you a platform to share your amazing event ideas, brag about why your charity deserves the fundraiser you threw or how your co-workers benefited from a laser tag team builder!  -Kristina, LTS Marketing and Events