Want to celebrate birthdays in a big way?

I interviewed Dan, who celebrated his 40th Birthday in style. Read on to find out why and how they celebrated!

Dan – please tell me about your event – who did you invite, why you got the gang together, what you were celebrating….all the fun stuff!

We rented the 12 iCombat laser tag guns for my 40th Birthday Party and had 6 families with all of their kids there.

How did the iCombat laser tag guns help you meet your goal during the event?

The goal of the event was to have fun, the laser tag guns were definitely a big hit and we all played non-stop for hours!

Excellent! I’m glad to hear you guys were able to play for a long time. Why did you choose laser tag as the activity? 

We wanted an activity that adults and kids of all ages could enjoy.

We’ve found laser tag to be great for all ages and I’m glad that was your experience as well. Why did you rent from Laser Tag Source?

It was our first time renting laser tag guns – but the website, customer service, rental terms, and price were all great. This far exceeded our expectations and we plan to rent even more guns for our next excuse to get together!

I love that! I’m glad to hear we were able to exceed your expectations! Will you share some tips or tricks with our digital friends on hosting any event that uses laser tag?

Sure! The best thing about our weekend rental was that the guns were shipped a day or so in advance, so we were able to test the guns and learn how to manage game options. I think that was a key factor in our fun. During the party the last thing people want to do is take time away from the fun and re-sync the guns (although it isn’t very difficult). There are lots of game options and different types of games that can be played – so factor in your audience and venue when setting up your games!

Those are excellent tips! We ship everything with a buffer precisely for that reason – so that people know the equipment in advance and I’m glad the extra time helped you manage the games better! 

Thanks so much for entrusting your 40th Birthday party blowout to us and for your laser tag rental Dan! Happy Birthday! 

Do you have an event where laser tag was your main attraction and you want to share all about your event and organization? We’d love to share your story!

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