Four Tips on How-To throw a Rad 80’s Party
Macgyver is back on TV with an update. Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics is still a karaoke favorite. And Hollywood is feverishly re-making every hit from the 80’s. Why not celebrate the decadent decade in neon-style by throwing the best 80’s party of all time?!
80’s Party Tips and Tool-Box:
1) Music!
Love it or hate it the music of the 80’s is iconic. Embrace that Casio-synth sound and set your soul free to dance! You can’t party as hard as young Robert Downey Jr without spinning classics like Come on Eileen and Take on Me. Make sure to throw in artists that everyone will remember: the aforementioned Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, Hall & Oates, Huey Lewis, Tommy Tutone, Dire Straits, Men in Hats…. the list could go on and on!  Build your playlist and set your guests footloose!
2) Food!
If you want to feed the flash-dancing masses lay down the carb-counting habits you learned in the last 15 years and hop into a culinary time-machine! 
Here are some nostalgic menu items!
Sloppy Joes: cheap, easy, and they taste just like you remember
Steak-Um sandwiches: nothing says 1984 like paper-thin beef
Cheetos & Doritos: embrace those orange fingertips!
For Dessert: You can find DIY recipes for both Puddin’ Pops and Orange Julius!
3) Fashion!
Ladies: break out that blue eye shadow and cement those skyscraper those bangs!
Fellas: Jams and Ray-bans, what could be better?
A pair of scissors can do wonders for a fashion flash-back: cut that collar out of a sweatshirt! Make jeans into Jorts in mere minutes! Crop that top (remember in the 80’s it wasn’t just the ladies sporting a little midriff). A quick image search online can provide plenty of inspiration. Lots of 80’s styles can be found on the racks of second-hand stores and major retailers alike these days!
4) FUN!
You know what reigned supreme in the 80’s? Laser Tag!
You know where you can find laser tag for your 80’s party? Right HERE!
It’s what we do. Take your 80’s party from blah to totally radical with a box of laser tag gear. We ship your rental right to your door-step, you use it for your party, and using the enclosed return label ship it back to us after the party is over. Our process is easier than getting that Rick James song out of your head post-party!
Tony Smith
Laser Tag Source