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Howdy laser tag people!

Have you checked out our Facebook page lately? If you haven’t, you definitely should because we get some pretty regular customer feedback over there and sometimes these awesome customers even share some fun laser tag ideas! One group of kids wanted to spice up their game time by playing at night… and they did an awesome job at making it work out perfectly! First of all, they rented our Phoenix LTX guns which I’d have to say was a smart choice because the colors of these guns make it much easier to play with in the dark. Another good reason for choosing the LTX would be because of the fact that it has LED read-out bars for both health and strength as well as the light up sensor dome that lets you know when you’ve been hit. All qualities that make a great night time gun!

These kids didn’t just chose an awesome gun for their event, however. They also got themselves a whole bunch of glow sticks, got funky and creative and wore them on their clothes! This not only brings some cool color to the game but it made it easier for all of them as they were running around after dark! What I love about the event they threw is that they managed to have a great time without spending a butt-ton of money! With each gun only pricing at 12 dollars a piece and with a 100-pack of glow sticks going for 12 dollars at Walmart, you’ve got yourself an entire event for a really excellent price! So thank you to Dawn Dumond for sharing your experience with us so that we could tell others about it!


Now as much as I loved sharing this family’s experience with you, I almost decided to go in a different direction with this weeks blog post and if that were the case, how would you have known about the stellar night-time event idea if you haven’t checked our Facebook recently? So get on over there and check out all of the awesome content we’ve got for you 🙂 You won’t be disappointed.


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-Shae, Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern