Renting laser tag from the West Coast just got a whole lot easier.
From the moment Laser Tag Source packed it’s very first Phoenix LTX in a box and launched our website it was our goal to provide laser tag rentals to any state in the U.S.A.
If you’re prone to following laser tag related accounts on social media you’ll notice that we’re been busy in a brand new way! (Want to follow along? Check out our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest accounts).  
We have super big news: we have a warehouse in sunny California to service our West Coast renters even better than we did before! 
What does this mean for you? Only good things! West Coast roll call: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana and Wyoming; we’re your new neighbors! 
Our warehouse in Visalia, California puts us closer to you than ever before. This means shorter shipping times to and from you which opens up more equipment for you to rent. It also means last minute shipping costs are lower for you! Additionally, you can now place more last minute reservations and we stand a better chance of filling them (but we recommend planning ahead!). 
We  have great relationships with one-time and repeat customers on the Left side of the country and we’re committed to making sure that we continue to provide not just great service, but continue improving that service to you! 
If you live in the East, New England, The Mid-West, or the Lone-Star state fear not! Many of you are within one to two days shipping from our East Coast Warehouse (you know, the one that’s been there for years now!). You will still continue to receive the same great service from the state of Virginia that we’ve provided from the minute we opened. 
In short, it is our privilege and joy to provide you with the laser tag rental you need on your turf and your terms. Dream big, make those parties amazing, and count us in to help! 
Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you, 
Tony Smith
Laser Tag Source