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Packages Galore! - Laser Tag Source

Sometimes life is a little bit easier when things are miraculously planned for you.

All of the stressing over little details and trying to make things work for the bigger picture can take a lot of time and energy that we don’t always have. If you find yourself in this position, but still want to plan a totally awesome party with laser tag guns, then please make your way to our packages page and feel the weight immediately lifted from your shoulders.


With a total of 8 different packages, we’re confident that you will find exactly what you need for your event. Lets take a little looksky at some of my favorites, shall we?


Our Team Ops Package has two separate deals to offer. Depending on your party size, we can offer 10 Phoenix LTX guns for the price of 120 dollars or 20 for 220 dollars. With each of these guns pricing at 16 dollars separately, you are saving 40 dollars on the first deal and 100 on the second!! Now don’t you even try and tell me that’s not a pretty stellar deal.


Now let’s talk Party Package. This one is one of my favorites because of how much it offers and how easily put together it is for our connivence. It comes with 16 LTX guns, 10 large bunkers, AND FREE SHIPPING! I can’t count the number of times I have tried to order something online and found that the shipping price was so ridiculous that buying that certain item wasn’t even worth it anymore. But with this deal, you have no need to worry. One solid payment of 465 dollars for ALL of it and you’re saving yourself a whopping 166 buckaroos. If this excites you as much as me, I totally condone a quick mini dance session to celebrate…I’d love to say I participated in my own mini dance session but I am 9 months pregnant and so the little wiggle that I did in my seat will have to do for now.


For the sake of your sanity and your time, I will wrap up with a third and final favorite, although I will admit that it was a little tough narrowing them all down. The Battlefield Package inclues 10 Tippmann guns, 10 large bunkers and free shipping. *Insert free shipping dance here* If you are unfamiliar with the Tippmann, let me familiarize you. This gun has tactical-grade optics and RF signal communication proving it to be our meanest and leanest gun of all. It has been transformed from a paintball gun which gives it such a light feel (since there is no CO2 tank) and its sleek design. This gun goes for 39 dollars on its own so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear with 10 of these guns plus 10 bunkers, the package is only 680 dollars, saving you 153 dollars. This package is very popular among businesses and corporate fundraisers in case you were wondering 😉


With that being said, I urge you to take a look at these packages and the other 5 that we offer and let us handle the prep for you. No need to worry about pricing or accessories.


Until next time,

-Shae, Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern