Bring it Home

Inkwell blackness fills your vision with flecks of florescent blue and green scattered throughout. You can make out faint movements on the opposing side of a ground floor filled with possible cover options. You weigh choices, consider risks and move to the first bunker. You put your back up against it and hear foot falls no more than 10 feet behind you. You quiet your breath and slowly turn and position yourself and when the moment is right you raise yourself over the top of the barrier and open fire on the flashing lights of an opposing team member. You see the lights streak across the blackness in a fury of red light and hear the low tones emanating from your targets vest.
You love these scenarios and you drive to laser tag facilities to experience them. The setting is almost always the same, the dark room with florescent lights and faceless opponents and compatriots struggling to see and react to one another’s attacks.
But why not take the game that you love into your own backyard?
Laser taggers almost exclusively use indoor venues. They are easy to clean and maintain and can be played in year round. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy laser tag outside.
At Laser Tag Source we bring adventure to you. We have the perfect equipment to bring a top-tier outdoor laser tag game to the American public.
The Hornet is an excellent example of a gun suited for an outdoor game. With a tone for when you score a hit or are hit coming from your gun it makes the daylight not a problem. Even if you just have a wide-open backyard Laser Tag Source can provide you with your very own bunkers that you can arrange in any fashion. If you don’t want to buy guns and bunkers separately we can even give you a package deal for both.
So get out there and play in your very own laser tag arena of a backyard and get your hands dirty because life is too short to always have clean fingernails.
-Hunter, Laser Tag Source blogger