Man, I’m proud of that title. It only took about 4 seconds to come up with, so that’s when you know it’s good. Ok, let’s get down to business: you’re preparing for the most exciting of summer events. Vacation Bible School!

Laser tag is the perfect addition to any VBS event. And with Laser Tag Source, we make it simple for you! Ready for the easiest Vacation Bible School entertainment of all time? Here’s all you need: Taggers and Bunkers.

1. Taggers:

This is an easy one. Since most VBS events are filled with a bunch of younger kids, the Phoenix LTX is the perfect option. Keep in mind that this is our most popular tagger, so it’s usually a good idea to get those reservations in nice and early. We recommend the LTX for a few reasons. First, it’s phenomenal day or night. While many laser taggers struggle to perform in sunlight, the Phoenix LTX suffers no such issues. Second, it’s the perfect tagger for large groups of people. The LTX is not overly loud or heavy, and its easy setup ensures that huge groups of people can have a blast. In October 2017, we shipped our Phoenix LTX to an event with over 200 players IN THE SAME GAME! Simply put: The LTX is the solution to all your VBS needs.

2. Bunkers:

Most VBS events that we’ve shipped to have been outside. There’s no easier or better way to set up a laser tag battlefield than with our bunkers. It’s simple, just plug them into the wall to blow them up, place them in the grass, and use our provided stakes to make sure they don’t move. The bunkers are big enough to hide two kids or one fully grown adult.

And there you have it! Kids look forward to Vacation Bible School every summer, and now they can get even more excited with laser tag! As always, we at Laser Tag Source are happy to help out with any questions you may have. Now scoot on over to our products page and get your equipment reserved in our system!