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Need a Date for Prom?

If you’re looking for an After-Prom Party activity to hold in your gym, classroom or hotel conference room, contact us for Laser Tag. We will ship the adventure to you! All of our systems work great in doors and out.

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Snowmageddon Survival

Aren’t we all a little tired of the snow? It’s pretty until you get in it, then it quickly turns cold. And wet. And if your kids are like ours, they came to this exact same realization. Here are 5 Family Friendly Activities when You’re Trapped Inside

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The Art of Epic

We spend our lives either trying to fit in or stand out. When it comes to throwing parties or hosting events, nobody wants to provide the “same old thing” for their guests!

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Welcome Back to Campus: Now What?

At Laser Tag Source, we help dozens of colleges and universities across the country to reach students with a fun, outdoor, activity that’s unique and affordable.

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Good Clean Fun – The Christian Bachelor Party

Your bachelor party is something that you want to remember for the rest of your life. It’s a time to grow even closer to the men that have been your brothers-in-arms through the highest and lowest points of your life.

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Children’s Birthday Party Idea

Every year your child is looking forward to that special day. That great day where friends and family can celebrate another year of the child’s life. We all know that a simple dinner will NOT suffice. We have an amazing BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEA for you.

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