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What's All The Buzz About? - Laser Tag Source

Looking for a multi-purpose laser tag gun?

Have you ever had a friend that is ideal for any situation?

A friend that can handle a day of duck, duck goose in the backyard or playing tackle football in the mud?
The favorite with his five-year-old cousins as well as those really smart friends whose banter is like a pop quiz on all the facts you’ve ever picked up in your life?

At Laser Tag Source we call that friend Hornet.

The Hornet is one of our top battle buddies for a plethora of reasons:
-It can handle the friendly competition or the battlefield of merciless strategy.
-The Hornet is also one of the easiest bits of technology to set up. You just turn on your tagger and scroll through team options with your reload button. When you’re ready for stinging, pull the trigger.

The gun features a little dome atop the rifling, this means no sweat soaked vests for you to struggle in and out of; which, I can vouch, is a situation you don’t want to be dealing with.

While the Hornet is helping you blast away your opponents with no remorse, it also plays nice with the Pheonix LTX, which means you can have even more folks join in the fight.

Be careful not to invite too many pro laser tag slingers though, the Hornet starts with 10 lives, which, while making you 10% more likely to come out on top of a game than your cat, means you might want to keep your head down at a little, or at least your Hornet’s dome. The dome on the gun is what you want to be aiming for. It lights up when it has been hit and chimes when you are too far away to see the light on your victim’s gun, because that’s just how good of a shot you are.

So get out there and see for yourself what all the Buzz is about!

-Hunter, Laser Tag Source Blogger