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This One Time, At Band Camp

WARNING: if you are a teacher, just skip past the next sentence... or maybe this whole intro. Just enjoy what's left of your summer! It's already the middle of July - travel baseball seasons will be over in a blink, and the football teams are preparing for the...

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Laser Tag Source Goes on a Business Trip

The team here at Laser Tag Source (affectionately referred to as "The Laser Squad") had the opportunity to help out at Chris Hardwick's ID10T Music Festival & Comic Conival this summer. ID10T Fest for short. And, no, it's not pronounced id-TEN-tee, just go ahead and...

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The Three B’s of a Successful July 4th Party

You might be thinking along the lines of Backyard, Barbecue, and Beverages. Well get ready to take your July 4th party up a few notches with OUR three B's: Blasters, Beacons, and Bunkers. We have everything you need to set up your own backyard laser tag battlefield....

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