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Meet Our NEWEST….

I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with Kayla through the Berglund Civic Center and have snatched her up as Laser Tag Source’s newest Event Intern. Welcome her to our team and get to know her better through our digital interview!

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Achievement Unlocked

From Coast to Coast we have now shipped nation wide! Thank you to Alaska for your order this December, and thank you to every one who placed a rental order in 2014.

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Plan Your Adventure for 2015

Our most heart breaking conversations are when you people across the United States have planned this amazing event and all you have left to get is laser tag. You call us and uh oh – we are out of the guns you want. Never fear. We as Laser Tag Source are here with 3 suggestions for planning your event that may help!

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3 Ways to Give an Experience!

My husband and I decided to give experiences as gifts this Christmas. We want to give opportunities to create life-long memories rather than a video game that will get shuffled into the stack of “been there done that”. Here’s how Laser Tag Source can help you gift an experience!

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Dear Mom at Thanksgiving

We are so thankful for you moms across the US who have allowed us to be a part of your kid’s birthday parties that we want to give you a special promo code for 14% off this Thanksgiving.

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Tetris and Laser Tag

Tony, our warehouse manager, has found the best way to pack those boxes of fun that show up on your doorstep. So….Why does this matter?

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