Laser tag is a beautiful thing, Vest-free laser tag is even better.

When you play laser tag, it can be bothersome to have a cord that runs from you gun to a vest on your body. To make life easier, laser tag guns now have built in censors that register hits whenever the gun is shot.

Guns such as the Tippmann Barracuda, have a visible censor that is easy to identify, simply aim at the box on top of the gun. The Phoenix LTX, the Titan and the Hornet also have built in censors that are not visible but are activated when opposing players aim directly at the gun.

Having censors on the gun instead of on an attached vest allows the player to get tagged even when they may try to point their gun while keeping their body behind a wall (cheater!).

Vest-free laser tag makes playing easier and allows every game to be more fair. Check out our equipment page to find the best gun for you. And remember our Laser Tag Source team is there to answer any questions, just call or text (434) 515-2888.