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The Three B's of a Successful July 4th Party - Laser Tag Source
You might be thinking along the lines of Backyard, Barbecue, and Beverages. Well get ready to take your July 4th party up a few notches with OUR three B’s: Blasters, Beacons, and Bunkers. We have everything you need to set up your own backyard laser tag battlefield. The beacons and bunkers are a mainstay for any successful battle, but what blaster should you rent? That all depends on what type of party you’re planning on having.

Casual Afternoon in the Yard

Looking for a way to entertain the kids (or kids at heart) while they wait for the fireworks? Look no further than our most popular blaster, the Phoenix LTX. The LTX is durable, lightweight, and doesn’t lose any of its effectiveness in direct sunlight – the perfect combination for a high noon showdown.

Casual Night Under the Fireworks

Need a grand finale to your party? Let the evening fireworks and our party lights be your illumination for an intense night of laser tag. Our Titan blasters are made to thrive in the dark, so they’re perfect for this time of the evening. Set up the bunkers in the back yard and light up those beacons for some nighttime Capture the Flag!

Laser Tag Battle Democrale

Maybe you want something to get your competitive juices flowing a bit more. While the Phoenix LTX and the Titan are fantastic options for a fun time in your custom battle-zone, the iCombat Barracuda is on another level. It’s our top-of-the-line blaster with 3-4 times the range of other laser tag guns, plus real-time information on who you’ve tagged and who is tagging you. Combine it with our Command Center Module for live, detailed scoring updates. The iCombat Barracuda is effective in the day or night, so no matter when you want to battle, this is our hottest option. Just don’t call it a Battle Royale – we declared our independence years ago.

Game Ideas

You can always go with the traditional team battle or free-for-all games, but why not mix things up a bit? Is there a better holiday for an epic Capture the Flag contest? (Some of you might say Flag Day, to whom I would respond, “That’s fair. Rent then, too.”) Check out all of our game modes and see which one works best for you – the more you plan it out, the more fun for all!