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Planning for After Prom? - Laser Tag Source

Attention Prom Committees – we can help!

Just as important as Prom is AFTER PROM!  If you’re looking for ways to keep your students entertained all night long (all night, all night), consider laser tag.  We have 2 ways that you can incorporate laser tag into your prom themes along with tips!

Phoenix LTX

Looking for a laser tag gun that is easy to set up, turn around between games, and easy to play with?  Look no further than the Phoenix LTX.

Let’s start with game play.  There’s a 360 degree sensor built on top and everyone aims at the gun.  In addition, it comes in two colors for team play or you can do last man standing (free for all).  There’s plenty of lights and sounds to let people know when they’ve been tagged.

Next – easy set up.  These laser tag guns are my favorite for this reason: you can set them up and run a large number of people through in a big event setting super quick!  Line up all of the laser tag guns, turn them on, and set them to either free for all or team play.  Pull the trigger and they will count down to play and automatically start the game.  To reset them?  Simply turn them off and back on.

These are the perfect laser tag guns if your prom or after prom is using any of these themes – and even themes we didn’t list here!  Mardi Gras, Carnival, Neon or Throw Back, Alice in Wonderland, Candy Land or Under the Sea.  Seventeen Magazine did a great showcase of these themes and you can find it here.

iCombat Barracuda

Looking for a laser tag gun that can do a little more?  The iCombat is the way to go.

For game play you have 7 different pre-set options.  You can also turn them on and set them to free-for-all or set them to two different teams and let the students run wild.  This laser tag gun has a 360 degree sensor as well and the box that you can look at to see your stats is even a screen that accepts hits, so watch out behind you!

The set up with the iCombat is as simple as turning them on for a free-for-all session.  For a more in-depth experience, you can set up teams, and track scores with the addition of a CCM to your order.  If you have a projector and screen or tv you can even project the scores in real time to see who the winner is.

Planning themes like Hollywood, Far Away Galaxy, Prom on the Range, Paint the Town Red, Viva Las Vegas, Black Tie or Heroes and Villains makes this an obvious tie-in if your After Prom is themed the same!  Check out the prom masters at Stumps Party and Anderson’s for even more theme ideas.

How Do I Add Laser Tag to my After Prom?

Excellent question.  Here’s the answer and it’s pretty easy.

We rent and ship laser tag to your school, hotel, event space, or community hall.  Pick out the laser tag equipment that best fits your students, space and theme by checking out all of our laser tag guns here.  When you rent for a Friday or Saturday event you get to rent the equipment for the whole weekend.  Sneak in another laser tag event on whatever day your After Prom isn’t and get even more bang for your buck.  Get your equipment reserved now!

The equipment will arrive to you with batteries, equipment that’s been thoroughly checked, return labels and directions on how to use everything.  We have tons of tutorial videos if you prefer to learn that way.

So what do you need exactly?  You will need decor to fit your theme.  Looking for some party lights?  We got em and can ship them to ya.  A table to put the laser tag guns on for easy access to grab and go play.  You’ll need an outlet and extension cord to run the lap top if you rent the CCM.  If you rent bunkers, you’ll need an outlet or a generator to inflate them.  We send you stakes for your bunkers to be used outside.  If you are using them inside, you’ll want sand bags to weight them down.  These can be made from tyvek bags and sand from your local hardware store.  We don’t ship them because the cost would be outrageous to both us and you!

So how many people do you need?  Here’s a rough sketch.  If you rent the Hornet, Phoenix LTX or Titan, you’ll need 1 person to test and set them up.  Another person can re-set them in-between games.  For bunkers, if you get 5-10 you’ll want a couple of people and about 10 minutes to get them inflated.  For the iCombat you’ll want 1-2 people to set them up and re-set them during games.

We always recommend having referees on hand.  If you have 10 people playing you’ll want at least 1 referee.  If you have 11-26, you’ll want 2 referees.  For 27-36, you’ll want 3 referees.  These guys and gals need to be able to run with your competitors and keep up!  Make sure they keep an eye out for cheating.

We hope your Prom and After Prom are safe and tons of fun! Hopefully these tips have inspired you to create the best After Prom ever!