I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but there’s this movie franchise all about a team of superheroes. Oh, you already knew that? Well, do you know which superhero gets paired with each of our laser tag guns? Ha! That’s what I thought! Well, good thing you’re here.

The Hero Blast = Iron Man

This is probably the most obvious one. The technological advances of the new Hero Blast system just scream “Tony Stark”. Add to that the fact that all of that power is contained in a super-sleek hand cannon, and you’ve got a perfect Iron Man-style laser tagger.

Of course, any true Iron Man weapon has loads of custom options, and the Hero Blast is no different. With the Hero Blast tagger, you get to choose what superpower you want to be activated. Is it more beneficial for your squad to be a medic? No problem, just aim at your teammates, press the superpower button, and BAM! They’re healed up and ready for battle! Perhaps you’ll be better off as an overpowered million-dollar weapon. Well, one of the superpowers allows you to fire off a charged blast, eliminating anyone in your way! Whatever you choose, nothing you find will make you feel more like Robert Downey Jr. than the Hero Blast.

iCombat Barracuda = Black Widow

Sleek and slick, the iCombat Barracuda is the perfect compliment for this former Soviet spy. And, just like Black Widow, the iCombat is a perfectly balanced warrior, effective from a distance or up close.

But wait! Black Widow occasionally bucks the orders of the higher-ups (what Avenger doesn’t?) and we need the iCombat to capture that feeling, too! No problem, just switch the game mode to Free-For-All and see who would be the best superhero of them all!

The Battle Rifle = Incredible Hulk

Could it have been anything else? With the size of this tagger, the Hulk is the perfect fit! When your Battle Rifle arrives, it seems innocent enough. But press the right switch (hint: the power switch), and this bad boy turns from Bruce Banner into the Hulk real quick.

With four different game modes and tons of weapon options, you could argue that the Battle Rifle is even more versatile than the Hulk!

Phoenix LTX = Captain America

This was an easy choice. It’s the oldest tagger in our arsenal, and the one that started it all! Easy to use and reliable, you can always count on the Phoenix LTX to come through for your party!

The Hornet = Ant-Man

The Hornet, like Ant-Man, always has something to say. Although instead of witty one-liners and comic relief, the Hornet just says the same thing all the time: “Danger! Danger!” Of course that’s only if there’s, you guessed it, danger nearby. And to be totally honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if Paul Rudd ran around yelling “Danger” in the newest Avengers flick.

On top of that, there’s the obvious parallel – the name!

The Titan = Thor

Just like the LTX, The Titan is one of the oldest and most reliable taggers in our arsenal. And just like Thor, it’s impossible not to love the Titan!

So there you have it! We don’t currently have a Thanos in our arsenal, but we’re always looking at new equipment. In the meantime, choose which hero you want, hit that “Place Reservation” button at the top, and let’s do this thing!